Founded in 1997, Altrius is derived from the Latin word altus and the English word altruism. Together, these two words convey the ideal of "reaching ever higher, placing the welfare of our clients before our own."

Among the many ways we differ from most investment advisory firms:

  • We handle money management functions in-house. By not contracting money management tasks to outside vendors, we potentially increase income while reducing fees.
  • We are independent and 100 percent employee owned.
  • We operate on a fee only basis. No commissions - delivering unbiased advice and transparency while reducing conflicts of interest.
  • We claim compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and maintain a performance track record dating to January 1, 2003.We are audited semi-annually and invest significantly in the resources and technology in order to display the performance of our firm and our clients’ portfolios.

Core Principles

our investors and treat our clients’ assets as if it were our own maintaining a fiduciary culture based upon integrity, candor and trust. We avoid conflicts of interest working on a fee only basis and do not sell commission products.

investing in companies which provide above average income. We promise to demonstrate tremendous enthusiasm and drive in our endeavor to achieve solid risk adjusted returns and growth for our clients.

as candidly as possible and only offer those services which match our firm’s core competencies. We are intellectually curious often viewing crisis as an opportunity while focusing on our best ideas.

and appreciate the difficulties life’s vagaries thrust upon families endeavoring to understand the values, dreams and financial pursuits of our clients.


James M. Russo | Founder/Chief Investment Strategist
Founder/Chief Investment Strategist
Tara L. Hughes, CPA, CGMA | Executive Vice President/Financial Advisor
Executive Vice President/Financial Advisor
Chris Rolf, CFA | Executive Vice President/Financial Advisor
Executive Vice President/Financial Advisor
Joy Woods | Trader/Account Analyst
Trader/Account Analyst
Zachary Q. Smith | Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager
Andrea L. Aitken | Chief Operations/Compliance Officer
Chief Operations/Compliance Officer
Rita A. Hendrick-Smith | Director of Operations/Compliance Manager
Director of Operations/Compliance Manager
Rebecca Harmon | Trader/Operations Analyst
Trader/Operations Analyst